Who are we ?

The agency was founded by Eduard Kovalda in 1997. He is a graduate of the Masaryk University, Faculty of History in Brno. He is currently working on Post Graduate studies (his thesis on genealogy of butchers in Kutna Hora). He is also compiling the work of J. Polisensky for a third volume of his "History of Czech Emigration to America", which will be a catalogue of the holdings at archives in the Czech Republic. Some results of the research conducted on emigration sources have been already published (see Nase rodina, volume 12, Number 2, June 2000, St. Paul, MN). In 2001 he was hired by the European Union to prepare a catalogue of Czech mints, as a part of the project "Euromint". Since 2002 he cooperates also with Title Research, a specialist research company based in London, England. The company is instructed by professional clients (such as government bodies, banks and lawyers) to act in estate matters.

The other people working for the agency are: Antonin Kudrna or Ales Vyskocil (the region of Moravia), Jan Jelinek (the region of southern Bohemia). Both of them are university educated people with degrees and considerable experience in a range of subjects including history and supplementary fields covering genealogy, numismatics, paleography and heraldry.

Our approach is highly professional and we can bring together a number of specialist skills to work on your research requirements such as fluency in Latin, German and Ancient Czech, proficiency in reading very old handwritten text, acquaintance with ancient weights and measures plus a comprehensive knowledge of information sources.


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