Catholic register of marriages # 7 / 10, the parish of Kozojedy (1787-1874)
Page: # 23
Date of marriage: Feb. 26, 1827
Place of marriage: Kozojedy # 7
Priest: Ignaz Masopust
Bridegroom: Joseph Karman, tailor and reservist, age 36 years old, son of deceased Jiri Karman, peasant in Kozojedy # 7 and of deceased Eva Rinda from Kozojedy # 37
Bride: Elisabeth, age 28years old, daughter of deceased Joseph Lamac, farmer in Boleslavice # 4 and of Anna Teply from Kozojedy # 8
Witnesses: Joseph Wagner, citizen in Tepla; Franz Lipa, farmer in Sedlice
Note in the record: Certificate of the marriage was made on Jan. 18, 1849