(The Land-Registry of Josef II.)

It is a list of land-property, in 1785 ordered by the emperor Josef II. for tax purposes. The difference to the previous registry (the land-registry of Maria Theresia) was almost exact admeasurement of all land-property. Even fields possessed by nobilities were to be taxed. Basic unit of tax was so called "katastralni obec" (= cadastral locality). Tax was to be levied by state clerks (not by lordīs clerks as in the past). The emperor died in 1790. After his death the land-registry of Maria Theresia again came into force (with some additional changes).

Land-property was devided according to a kind of culture (field, meadow, grassland, vineyard, forest) and yield. Every piece of land was registred under a topographical number, with a name of possessor, location (nearby possessors), width, length and surface of a site, yield, contribution.

In this land-registry houses were already recorded with house-numbers.

The items were assessed in the following measures:
surface of a site in "Joch" and "Quadratklafter"
yield on fields (corn, wheat, barley, oats) in "Wiener Metzen"
yield on meadows (hay, aftermath) in "Centner"
yield on grasslands (hay, aftermath) in "Centner"
yield in forests in "Klafter"
final yield of all items mentioned above in "Floren" and "Kreuzer"
contribution paid in "Floren" and "Kreuzer"

See the list of measures